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"The show turns on, the lights that escape you from the soul"

Superbowl LIII, Atlanta, Georgia. New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams. The largest Stars and Stripes sport Dynasty against a very young couple on the launching pad that caused LA to return to the US oval map. Brady vs Goff. Belichick vs McVay. Two teams already clashed in 2001, when they won the Patriots (then disadvantaged), led by a young QB who would later literally write the history of this sport. Talent, strategies, fate, adrenaline, emotions: the table is set.

"Between destruction and wonder …
… of certain miracles
one can only notice when awake "

Maybe talking about miracles can be excessive, but the path of both teams to reach the Final has been marked by really controversial episodes. The Rams have dug out the Astrodome of New Orleans (taking away one last Brady-Brees challenge on the most important stage): decibel-level hellish climate, demon-possessed Saints that start like a rocket, Rams attack jammed up to a clearing McVay call that on a fourth down does launch the punter (!!!). From then on, he started out in balance, until a sensational pass interference from a Rams defender not sanctioned by the referees at the end of regulation time. Overtime, decisive field goal and Rams taking the ticket to Atlanta.

The Patriots were expected at the climate hell and loudly hostile of Kansas City. The Chiefs, Mahomes MVP of the League (the youngest since Dan Marino), a spectacular team to see but which does not make defense its trademark. The Pats began their work by racing, taking the opponent's attack on the sideline, putting his head forward immediately and managing the first time as real veterans. But the red wave sooner or later arrives and the Chiefs in the second half put the Patriots on the ropes, overtaking just over two minutes from the end: Brady is asked for yet another miracle, which is punctually made concrete by the GOAT that packs a perfect drive (but being saved by an interception thanks to an offside of the Chiefs line). Patriots ahead three to 39 seconds from the end.

Over? Nah. Mahomes manages to send his attack in range from a field goal and he goes here also to the extra. And here the Blessed Goddess gives a (small) hand to New England: favorable draw and second master drive of Tom Terrific, who silences the Arrowhead Stadium and wins his ninth (yes you read that right) ticket for the SuperBowl.

"We need bread and luck
serves wine and courage
above all they want us
good traveling companions ”

Edelman, Hogan, Gronkowski, White, Gostkowski, Dorsett … Brady's supporting cast may not be very close, but when the ball really gets hot, it is on them that you bet the coin. Mention aside for the attack line: moving against the Chiefs, really. Brady has almost always had little pressure on him, being able to launch safely without getting too much out of his pocket, which for an over 40 is always a risk. On the other hand, the attack available to Goff is ominously reminiscent of "the Greatest Show on Earth" (as St. Louis Rams were called in 2001): a remarkable variety of launch options, Gurley and Anderson (the Orlando Pace Bus , twenty years later) if the ball remains on the ground, Cooks (tu quoque) and a swarm of talented receivers: a show.

"'There is still the sun that does its job
on Saints immediately and on cutthroats "

If the attacks are beatified (they sell tickets), the cutthroats of the defenses will decide the game: it is easy to guess how Goff will feel the pressure at the beginning, while Brady in this is slightly (in a thousand quotes) more accustomed. The task of the Pats will be to prevent the Rams attack from picking up pace as in attack the New England strategy will be to keep the ball with long drives made mainly of racing games, cooling the Rams and keeping them out of the game for as long as possible ( a bit like done with KC).

For its part, Los Angeles will have to force Brady's hand, putting pressure on him, maybe blitzing frequently .. for the attack, just see the game against the Saints: once you go away the butterflies in your stomach, Goff and his attack a solution the they always find.

"Let me see a little
as you see it "

Kick-off at midnight Italian time, it was thought for the first time in exclusive streaming but in extremis the RAI has bought the rights, so you can also see clearly and comfortably on the sofa (thus avoiding problems and fault in case of malfunction of some device). You have white paper on the menu. Contrary to what one might think having read these lines, there will be no Ligabue to sing at the Halftime Show, but Maroon 5 (I think some special guest stars will come).

Enjoy it!

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