GoodDollar: the blockchain experiment to give everyone a basic income


by Valentina Petricciuolo – But who said that someone out there isn't "trying" us? "To do what," you say! But how … the most obvious thing in the world: give everyone a universal basic income using the blockchain and the system of cryptocurrencies that proliferate on this.

The founders of the non-profit organization are rehearsing us GoodDollar that, as stated on the website: "… is an experiment that consists of a series of tests with the ultimate goal of reducing economic inequality through blockchain technology. Our mission is to build a new global open source cryptocurrency – called GoodDollar – to distribute money using the principles of universal basic income (Universal Basic Income). "

GoodDollar, a 100% non-profit project, is feeding a community of people – including academics, NGOs, ethical investors, supporters of cryptocurrencies and anyone who cares about the goal of reducing inequality.

On what data is it based? The assumptions or, better said, the assumption is what we all know: the 42 richest men and women on the planet have more money than the poorest 3.7 billion overall.

Why is it essential to act now? Because it is necessary to combat the two main factors that are at the base of the enormous imbalance in the distribution of wealth in the world:

The first factor is that the richest 20% have 94% of the world's wealth. Which means that the vast majority of the world's population struggles every single day for survival. The second is it development of automation: a looming threat that could cause the disappearance of millions of jobs.

The Universal Basic Income is the solution. A truly global solution. And GoodDollar, which is nothing more than an evolution of electronic money, takes its cue from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, completely decentralized, to take them to a higher level and face the problem of inequality head-on. Such as? GoodDollar has adopted the principles underlying the Universal Basic Income to give all those who need it the bare minimum to live.

GoodDollar is a "token" – token – designed to work thanks to the blockchain, the global network that serves to exchange money, property and stock shares – anything that has economic value – in a transparent way and on the basis of trust.

But how does G $ work?

It is accessible to anyone in the world who has a way of connecting to the network and has an identity that is verified thanks to a facial recognition system. This is to make sure it is a person and not a robot. The project is still in an experimental phase but anyone, already immediately, can register and open a wallet / wallet. Each member of the GoodDollar platform is entitled to receive, on request, 1 GD $ per day for a total of 30 GD $ per month or 365 GD $ per year. At this stage the value of the GoodDollar is zero – it is an experiment token – but the goal is to make it arrive at parity with the US dollar and, consequently, guarantee the equivalent of $ 30 per month as a basic income for all community members.

How will "our erors" give value to the GoodDollar?

The system will be implemented in such a way as to encourage the sale of goods and services on the virtual market by charging in GD $. Suppliers and merchants will be able to enter an ecosystem of social responsibility. In turn, donors will be able to support basic income by purchasing goods and services from companies that are part of the ecosystem. Selling and getting paid in GD $ will mean doing good since all you do is support the Universal Base Income and, at the same time, you also attract potential customers.

Of course it will take some time before the experiment is implemented on a large scale and before the message spreads. But we can all contribute if we want: just participate. Downloading the digital wallet does not cost anything and is a way to really understand how this incredible new technology, together with the visionary ideas of those who "rise" above common thought, can really change the world.

More information:

To participate in the experiment and download the Alpha Wallet 2:

To download the WHITEPAPER (a draft of 2018 the definitive will be published shortly):

To download the POSITION PAPER:


Valentina Petricciuolo – Degree in Economics, specialization in international trade and promotion of Italian companies abroad. Responsible for the development and support of Australian companies in Italy at the Consulate General in Milan. Trade Relations Officer for UK Trade and Investment at the British Embassy in Rome. Crowdfunder and micro Business Angel active on European and US platforms. Currently an official of the Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE Agency) in Rome and responsible, from 2005 to 2010, of the Foreign Investment Attraction Desk of the New York office. Master in technology transfer e open innovation of the Politecnico di Milano (2014) and member from 2014 to 2017 of the European panel of project evaluators Proof of Concept for the enhancement of scientific research of the European Research Council. Author of the blog Curiosity is the Compass on innovation, entrepreneurship, enhancement of scientific research, crowdfunding, new work dynamics, universal basic income, personal growth and financial freedom, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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