Immigrant pounds two women without reason: horror in Lecco (Video)


Lecco, 11 September – One of the famous "human elements", the avant-garde "of this globalization that they offer us a lifestyle that will soon be widespread for all of us”Of Boldrinian memory, this morning gave a demonstration of this lifestyle in the underpass of the Lecco station. The video surveillance cameras have in fact captured a 24 year old immigrant, almost two meters high and originally from Togo, in the act of brutally punching two women, in a completely casual way and without any motivation other than that of wanting to show everyone their own bestiality. Two women, obviously, because it is never that these boys who escape from hunger have the courage to compete with someone of their size.

In fact, the film shows the man while throws an 18 year old girl to the ground who is about to climb the stairs, leaving her stunned, then goes with nonchalantly in the underpass, locate a second woman of 55 years and charge it with a fist extremely violent, causing her to faint and causing her to be serious head trauma. All in the almost total indifference of those present. The two victims were hospitalized. Polfer agents, present on the spot and promptly intervened, successfully pursued the African and proceeded with the arrest of the man, irregular on the national territory and with several precedents. Here are the images posted on YouTube by the site Lecco News:

Cristina Gauri



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