16 people die from train crash in Bangladesh


Two intercity trains collided today in the district of Bhramanbaria, in western Bangladesh, with reports of 16 deaths and 58 injured, in an accident attributed in principle to the irregularity of railway signaling.

Shayamal Kanti Das, chief of the local police, reported that the collision occurred around 3:00 hours (9:00 p.m. GMT on Monday) when the Udayan Express trains, bound for Chattogram, and Turna Nishitha Express, On their way to Dhaka, they found themselves on the same road when they reached the district located 82 kilometers from the country's capital.

The local president, Hayat Ud Dowlah Khan, has announced that so far there are 16 dead and 40 injured who are already in hospitals, a figure to be specified as the Bangladesh News agency United News of Bangladesh estimates more than 100 injured.

Similarly, an investigation has been initiated to detect the causes of the accident but, according to the Kasba station manager, sub-district of Bhramanbaria, Zakir Hossain, the crash could be due to a mismatch of the signals of both trains.

Due to the accident, the railway authorities in Blangladesh suspended three employees: Taser Uddin and Apu Dey, in charge of Turna Nishitha, in addition to the labor guard Abdur Rahman.

The railway tracks on the Dhaka-Chattogram and Chattogram-Sylhet routes remained closed until eight hours after the accident, which re-established their communication on Tuesday morning.

This type of accident has increased because the crossings do not have the necessary levels of protection. In July, the country's railroad ministry began the process to build 125 crossings but the project is slowed due to lack of personnel.

Bangladesh Railways planning director Habibullah Bahar reported that 122 railroad crossings were about to be enabled and four were detected that did not have legal registration.

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