A British singer, fined 5,000 euros for cocaine use. He stayed in Paris for two days


Pete Doherty was released on Saturday, November 9, after spending two days in a Paris arrest for drug use, writes AFP.

The British artist was released following a request by prosecutors to pay a fine of 5,000 euros instead of prison sentence.

Doherty was arrested Thursday night shortly after Friday after being found in possession of two sachets of cocaine, one of them partially consumed.

The singer was subject to "a criminal ordinance (a simplified judicial procedure – no.) For drug use with the obligation to pay a fine of 50 euros for 100 days," the Paris prosecutor's office said on Saturday.

This sentence, which can turn into a prison sentence if the fine is not paid, must be approved by the judge of a court in Paris.

According to Arash Derambarsh, the artist's lawyer, Pete Doherty, who is at the beginning of a long tour in Europe and in the UK in particular, "promised that he would be accompanied at all times by an addiction specialist and a doctor to help him. help them not to use again. "

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At the time of his arrest, Pete Doherty was intoxicated and opposed the arrest, according to police sources. When he was detained by law enforcement, he tried to get rid of the two envelopes he had.

The singer's lawyer told AFP that "the arrest was forceful and disproportionate", stressing that the artist had a single gram of cocaine on him.

"He is not a delinquent, he is undergoing a detox treatment in France and the United Kingdom and wants to focus on the future of his artistic career," added the lawyer.

Pete Doherty, known for his past relationship with British photographer Kate Moss, has often been in the media's attention for drug-related excesses.

In July 2012, he was excluded from a luxury detox center in Thailand because he had not shown his desire to quit heroin addiction, Agerpres notes.

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