A bus driver stops to save two children who were homeless at eight degrees below zero


Nicole Camberlain was driving her line bus at 8 am last Monday on her route in Waukesha, Wisconsin, when both she and the passage noticed that there were two children of few years with barely any clothes outside, when there were 8 degrees below zero and a thermal sensation of -16.

He immediately stopped the bus, transporting people with disabilities, and saw that a little girl of two years was without pants, only with the diaper and a shirt and the six-year-old boy with a sweatshirt, both without a coat. He invited them to get on the bus and covered the little girl with her own coat.

In the images of the bus security camera The whole scene can be seen, which is why it has transcended.

"They were heading towards a busy intersection and I knew there was no school bus stop there, no school, so I knew immediately that I had to stop and help them, "said the driver in the Good Morning America space.

"If that happened to my childrenI hope there is someone, a decent human being, who stops and helps them, "said Nicole Camberlain, who calmed the little ones, put them on the bus so they were hot and asked what had happened.

The little ones said they were "looking for your grandmother". The driver called the police who came to the place and a few minutes later located the house of the children, where they had gone looking for their grandmother, who without them knowing, had gone down to the basement of the house

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