A cyclist dies after being rammed in Barcelona by a 22-year-old driver drugged and drunk


A 52 year old man that he was returning to his house by bicycle after leaving work he died this Saturday when he was rammed by a vehicle driven by a young man who has fled the place in Palafolls (Barcelona) and has subsequently tested positive for alcohol and drug control.

Sources from the Palafolls Local Police have reported that the fatal outrage has occurred around 6.30 am on the B-682 road, in the term of this population.

The driver, 22, has been able to be subsequently arrested in Blanes (Girona) by local police officers, who have verified that the car had traces of yogurt in the hood, a product that the cyclist was running over.

In addition, the young man circulated at low speed through Blanes, with the head out of the vehicle and broken mirrors.

The driver has tested positive for alcohol and drugs and is accused of reckless homicide offenses, omission of the duty of relief and against road safety, and is expected to be brought to justice in the next few hours.

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