A deputy from Vox says that feminism is a cancer that uses public money to do nothing


The deputy of Vox in the Assembly of Madrid, Alicia Rubio, attacked this Thursday against feminism during the debate of an initiative of United We can agree with the PSOE and More Madrid in which the regional government is urged to adopt measures to combat stereotypes Sexists at school.

"I would put as a compulsory subject, instead of feminism, sewing … it empowers a lot to sew a button," added Rubio, who has said she is worried about "lesbian terrorism" and "pornofeminism," he added.

The deputy of Vox considered that what feminism has done so far before the “murders and mistreatment of women is to use public money to do nothing" In his opinion, "there are many more false instrumental complaints and it seems that by the fact of being women you have to believe them yes or yes and we all know that many use this to get benefits in divorce."

He said that “Vox women, without victimisms and without privileges, we make our way competing with men, not with crotch quotas" "As Milo Yiannopoulos says feminism is cancer," he said.

For this deputy, the Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence in which "billions of euros have been spent, the number of victims has not decreased." Therefore, he said that the feminist movement “can only boast of the painful use of that money that has not reduced even one death"

After these statements, which the leftist groups described as "barbaric", the deputy of the Podemos Podemos Beatriz Gimeno defended the prevention policies against sexist violence and said that they are "Necessary" to combat sexist stereotypes.

The deputy of More Madrid María Pastor commented that four women a day are raped in Spain and indicated that “women are harassed and discriminated against because they are women in spite of the state agreements regarding sexist violence ”. "We believe that the child must be educated, which is how the problem is going to be caused, because they are being educated in a sexist system that continues to normalize inequality," he said.

On the other hand, the socialist deputy Sonia Conejero maintained that "machismo kills and has to be a political issue of the first order." for the real achievement of equality”, He stressed.

While the deputy of Citizens Eva Bailén defended to educate "by modeling and not by modeling receiving master classes of one hour", the deputy of the PP Lorena Heras stressed that this NLP "confronts the families and citizens that he intends to regulate, what is strict competence of the educational centers, and wants to regulate what the Constitutional Court has already failed ”.

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