A mother acts as a celestine between her daughter and a neighbor and causes her to move out of shame


Sometimes the parents they want us to have enough confidence to tell her everything, even if we like someone. But it may not be advisable to tell them who the boy or girl in question is, because they can cause a 'Earth, swallow me' moment.

The tweet Sunrise He shared on Twitter the good intentions of his mother, who he got her phone number Sergio Garcia, His neighbor. It seems that this user told him at some point that he seemed handsome and, therefore, the mother, neither short nor lazy, asked for her number. "Is your crass, no?"asked the woman on WhatsApp referring to crush, the word commonly used in social networks to refer to a kind of platonic love.

Then, Alba began to fear that this publication would end up coming to Sergio: "Really, as this reaches my neighbor I do not step on my street again." And his fears came true, because hours later the tweeter confirmed that he had already reached his ears. "My neighbor has learned, Thus, I move soon"she teased.

But, not happy to have found out, Sergio García entered on Twitter and replied to its publication. "11.10 in the morning and I haven't received any messages yet … I'm worried. Will he have finally moved?" The young man tweeted. "No! Sergio, If you see me, ignore me, please I ask you"Alba replied.

Everything might seem idyllic, as the young man seemed to be waiting for his call. However, she confirmed the reason why this relationship could not happen: "Sorry guys, I have a boyfriend, there is no shippeo possible".

The mother He also wanted to pronounce himself on the subject by calling himself "the mother crass". "Please, leave the boyfriend and leave the neighbor and thank you very much for your love! "he tweeted.

So, no matter how good the mother had, the love between these two neighbors could not be real. Therefore, it seems that Alba was embarrassed at all.

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