A poem and being from Real Madrid, Javier's 'sins' so that his appointment in 'First dates' rejects him


If politics is what makes numerous appointments fail in First dates, this Tuesday was football and a poem that made Emilia and Javier decide not to see each other again.

The Madrid was the first to arrive at Cuatro's restaurant, and said that, although "I may seem like a very serious person, but then I really like to dance and have fun".

His date was Emilia, who, in his first impression, did not like the choice of couple that had made the program: "It has not caught my attention".

Already at the table, the Madrid armed himself with courage and said to his partner: "I have composed a poem". Javier recited it to Emilia while she did not leave her astonishment, but instead of making the young man win points, that gesture made them lose.

They also talked about their hobbies: "I like the basics, football, "commented Javier. She wanted to know what team he was from, and he replied that "from Madrid, what about you?" Then Emilia replied smiling that "del Atleti".

The young woman added that "the Bernabéu gives me rashes, I don't have anything against the people of Real Madrid, but I don't like the cutlery they have. It doesn't go with me, "he admitted.

In spite of everything, in the final decision,the computer scientist acknowledged that"Yes, I would have a second date to at least get to know each other a little more". Instead, Emilia did not want to meet him again because "you are very shy. I like people with more character," he concluded.

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