A room in the hospital for premature babies and their parents to feel at home


There are currently more births of babies prematurely and, with it, an increase in the income of newborns in the ICUs of hospitals. Formerly it was closed spaces where Only the professional could be with the baby 24 hours a day, while the parents kept visiting hours very restricted. This is changing. Scientific evidence has shown that The evolution of a premature child is usually worse if the parents spend little time with him. Thus, almost all Spanish hospitals facilitate the 24-hour stay of parents in neonatal ICUs, a place where they can take care of their children, while being monitored by health personnel.

Not only is it increasingly common that in hospitals parents can spend 24 hours a day with their children, but it is also becoming increasingly easier for parents to share a room with babies during their hospital admission. In those shared rooms, the baby is admitted, yes, but the parents are more comfortable and can gradually take care of the care of the child. Everything is for the benefit of the baby, who will be better cared for and with his parents will evolve better.

Little by little, what is known as many hospitals is emerging ‘Family room’ or family rooms, where they can join the ICU with a stay so that parents can make their own family life with their new baby. As they specify from the Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, the concept of ‘Family Room’ emerged in the large neonatal intensive care units (neonatal ICU) in Europe and the United States, and they already exist in some hospitals in our country.

"It's the same learning as home, but in the hospital"

Dr. Gonzalo Pin Arboledas, Head of Pediatrics at the Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, a center that has this type of stay for families, explains that it is a joint accommodation and family meeting place with the child admitted to the ICU, which allows to settle and establish a space for "I find quiet" families, after those bad times suffered before premature birth. Is about stays located next to the ICU and allow parents to have an intimate and family stay to stay with their children, while they recover from their pathologies. They are usually used in the case of large premature babies who, after a long stay in the center, prepare to go home, or in cases such as jaundice, which require treatment with phototherapy.

Dr. Pin Arboledas points out that in the case of his hospital they are rooms that are located just in front of the intensive care unit, allowing the child to be in charge of the ICU and, at the same time, maintain the privacy of the joint accommodation with his mother. “Parents can be 24 hours, as if they were at home. It is the same learning as home, but in the hospital, so that That uncertainty you have when you get home disappears or is diluted. The stay in the ‘family rooms’ means a more harmonious disengagement and it is possible to improve the quality of life of the family environment ”, celebrates the specialist.

Less stress

From the Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, they emphasize that with the ‘family rooms’, the degree of stress decreases greatly in the parents because they are in the hospital, but in reality they are at home. “The baby is taken care of by his parents, who after all They are the ones who can give you the most love and affection”, They point out.

Moreover, they insist that, as the best place for a hospitalized child to be in the company of his parents, especially if he is a newborn or a small infant, These joint accommodations 24 hours a day favor the establishment of the link, that if it would not be more difficult, in addition to favoring a breastfeeding establishment.

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