A student going to school in the UK collects books for his grandparents' village


He is 17 years old now and from the student home he has started a campaign that hopes to manage to provide books and computers to the school library in the village of Ion Roată, Ialomița County.

Alexander's room in the student dormitory

Alexander's energy seems to flow through all the pores. He is a 12th grade teenager, with high ambitions to pursue economic studies and implement revolutionary and sustainable solutions in most areas. Day, night, his life revolves around projects for vocational training, but also those for his social and spiritual training. He has as an example the family, his parents being renowned doctors, and Alexander's grandfather, Mișu Tomescu, was a doctor loved by people, for the way he did his job at the head of the hospital bed, as well as for his involvement in society. . Grandfather was the first to bring books, donating them to the village of Ion Roata. Immediately after the Revolution, the volumes brought by Dr. Mișu Tomescu were for the people of the time as a supreme gift, an opening to another world. Today, the nephew wants to carry on his legacy, through the same gesture of humanity.

The grandfather, the doctor Mişu Tomescu, was a man very fond of the community of Ion Roată. The image above is one of the most valuable photos of his followers. "He taught us to fly," they say.

On the land of the parent's house is the school now

The school in the village of Ion Roata

From his room in the home, the place where he often sits and reads or works the classic school themes, Alexandru Năstase-Bejenariu considered the needs of the place where his grandfather was born. It's not much.
The village he often visited and which he knows has evolved through the power of his direct ancestors needs "only a twig", he believes.

The story unfolded like this: not only did the grandparents bring nourishment to the mind in that place hidden by the daily crowding of today, but also his great-grandparents who gave up their home. Today, on that patch of land the village school is built. "The house was taken by the Russians, and the grandparents never asked for it back. There a school was built and since then we see generations of children coming in and out, and those who had a drama of help, through the books they had available, went on to conquer the world. Like me, ”says Alexander. His mother, Prof. Dr. Dana Tomescu also remembers, fondly, the words of his father: "My father said that his village is a place with very hard-working people, on a fruitful land, the" granary of Europe ". Tomescu. “My father was an internist doctor at the hospital in Bolintin Deal. But he didn't have an easy life. He was also a political prisoner, together with Corneliu Coposu. His brother fled to Canada … But he enjoyed the love of ordinary people, while the regime tried to escape the verticals, as he was, "concludes his daughter.

It changes the fate of some children for 3,000 euros

After many evenings spent with the sheet in front and the pen in hand, Alexander's calculations show that the modest sum of 3,000 euros can change the fate of many children in the village of Ion Roată, Ialomița county. The money is considered and adds up to two computers, a printer and 300 books for schoolchildren. "I asked all the friends from here, as well as from Romania, to help me first with the transport. I can't say that everyone wants to help me, many people are turning to more dramatic cases, because, yes, Romanians are the kind of people who help. But I believe and hope that children from disadvantaged backgrounds should also get a chance, ”explains Alexandru, who recognizes that it is harder to reach his goal and because he is far from the country. At the same time, the teenager's initiative also reached the ears of his mother's colleagues, from Fundeni, the place that Alexander has known since he was little and was waiting for his mother to come out of the guard. His action will be "stuck" with the current humanitarian actions of the medical staff for "from the 6th floor" children, as the oncology pediatric department is known.

Alexandru often participated in the humanitarian actions of doctors from the Fundeni Institute.

How can you get involved:

“Learning in institutions where we do not face such shortcomings is very easy for us to overlook the delicate situation in which many students are in Romania, who cannot reach their potential because they do not have the necessary teaching resources.
Please support this case if you wish. You can do this by donating money, or books, or simply by distributing this campaign on social media. If you would like to make a book donation, please contact me by email at (Email protected), and I will do everything in my power to collect them ”, announces Alexandru. To donate online, visit https://gogetfunding.com/ion-roata/ .

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