A well-known TV actress and producer sued 100 companies: The reason they came before the judges – News on sources


Actress Sandra Bullock and television producer Ellen DeGeneres have filed a legal action against more than 100 cosmetics companies that used their image without consent, announces news.ro.

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The claims were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The documents show that companies were making false advertising of care products, such as face creams and supplements. They argued that the two celebrities use them and recommend them.

Their complaint concerns an advertising technique known as "affiliate marketing".

Bullock and DeGeneres accuse the companies of false advertising and unfair competition, demand order of withdrawal of ads and compensatory damages, but also the investigation of this type of marketing.

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A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian denounced a Chinese mobile app for a similar matter. At the same US court, she filed a complaint claiming that iHandy's Sweet Camera used her image without permission. The star demanded $ 10 million in damages.

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