A 'white tide' of almost 900 kilos of very pure cocaine reaches the Atlantic coast of France


Several packages of very high purity cocaine they have been arriving at different points of the French Atlantic coast since mid-October, as Rennes prosecutor has revealed in statements to the AFP agency.

Until a total of six beaches of different French municipalities have had to close by the arrival of the caches, since several cases of citizens who have tried to learn them have already been reported. The police have reinforced their deployment in the affected areas to prevent theft.

The French customs department has baptized the product collection operation as "white tide", according to the French newspaper Le figaro.

This is an "exceptional" event, Rennes prosecutor Philippe Astruc told a news conference on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper cited in the previous paragraph, sources close to the investigation are inclined to think that the drug comes from a boat that got rid of the stashor because of a breakdown or a storm that made it impossible to land.

Throughout 2018, 17.5 tons of cocaine arrived throughout France.

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