Abascal accuses the media of a "criminalization campaign" against Vox and holds them responsible for "any threat" they receive


Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, has appeared on Monday to assess the events after the general elections this Sunday. Among other things, has accused the media of carrying out a "criminalization campaign" against Vox and has held them responsible for "any threat" they receive.

"We want to tell those responsible for the media that We hold them responsible for any type of threat or aggression against our families, "said the Vox leader.

"We have read editorials from the Prisa Group where it was said that Vox could not be treated like another party, that there should be a sanitary cordon. We are going to defend the voters. It is not a veto," said Abascal who stressed that They accept "criticism," but without exceeding "legitimate criticism."

"We we will not let the media dedicated to destroy Vox enter the headquarters. We are not going to change our position, "he added in relation to the controversy raised by this issue.

Call Tezanos "miserable"

On the other hand, Abascal has called Tezanos "miserable" to say that the rise of Vox is due to a "whitening" similar to the one that brought Hitler to power. "We have witnessed a criminalization of Vox voters. We have heard Mr. Tezanos say that he has bleached Vox. Mr. Tezanos contributes to the demonization and criminalization of millions of Spaniards," he added.

"We are worried about what happens in La Junquera for those who feeling unpunished have decided to cut a road and strangle the economy once again. We demand that normality be restored in Catalonia, "he said.

In addition, on the possible pacts after the election results, Abascal has said that "governance is not the responsibility of Vox". "The Spaniards have voted for us to oppose. We will vote against any government of the PSOE. We will not vote for or refrain," he said.

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