About 5,000 people are evacuated in northern Philippines before Typhoon Kalamaegi arrives


Some 5,000 people have been evacuated in northern Philippines to the imminent arrival of Typhoon Kalamaegi, which is expected to touch land in the province of Cagayan in the next few hours after being strengthened.

"We are prepared for the arrival of the storm," Cagayan governor Manuel Mamba told local media, who also reported on the power outage in the cities of Gonzaga and Santa Ana as a precaution.

Given the proximity of Kalamaegi, which on Monday proasted from severe tropical storm to typhoon, The northernmost provinces of the Philippines, such as Cagayan, Isabela, Ilocos or Batanes, have already begun to suffer rains and winds, which will intensify during the day.

However, the National Institute of Meteorology (Pagasa) said the typhoon will lose strength once it hits the ground.

The typhoon –baptized locally as Ramon– It was located at 7.00 local time on Tuesday (23.00 GMT on Monday) 110 kilometers east of the town of Calayan, province of Cagayan.

The storm moves slowly northwestward with sustained winds of 120 kilometers per hour and streaks of 150.

Although Pagasa has already finished the cyclone season in October, Kalamaegi will be the biggest typhoon that plagues the Philippines this year, which has been especially calm with respect to tropical storms.

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