Acid replicas between juries Voice of Romania! The moment when Chirila burst in and threw her jacket at Brenciu


The edition of Friday evening, November 8, from the Voice of Romania, kept viewers with a soul to mouth. Especially towards the end of the show, because there was a moment of conflict between the coaches. The exchange of replicas was not at all neglected by those from home, who were watching the music program on PRO TV.

Acid replicas between juries Voice of Romania!

There were acid replicas between Tudor Chirilă and Horia Brenciu, and the ironies lasted for several minutes. Those in the room, the competitors, but also the Romanians in front of the TV, were able to watch amazing scenes, offered by the two coaches themselves. Angry at Horia Brenciu's method of presenting the contestants, Tudor Chirila decided to rush things.
Horia Brenciu and Tudor Chirilă, against the Voice of Romania
Horia Brenciu, ironized at the Voice of Romania

"Well, the destinies of the children are at stake!"Brenciu said. "Good that it cuts you off!", Tudor Chirila could be heard, as he tells Horia Brenciu, on Friday evening, at the Voice of Romania. At one point, things again came out of the patterns that the show proposed and proposed because the soloist put the jacket in Brenciu's head.

Even if in a joking spirit, the moment was not one tasted by everyone, especially not by Horia Brenciu. However, Tudor Chirila wanted to explain himself, saying that this would be done if the coach was a canary and sent him to sleep. It seems that the jury aroused such reactions because he did not stop speaking.

"God, if you gave us Horia Brenciu, well you gave us the set up! How was a world with Horia Brenciu and no montage? ”, commented Chirila. The PRO TV jury continued with the ironic gestures and was made to sleep on the stage from Voice of Romania. Moreover, it looked like a world without Horia Brenciu and montage. "Without mounting to the Voice of Romania, I was like this … Wake me up in October!"Tudor said.

"If you were a canary, I would do that to you", Chirila told Brenciu and covered his face with his jacket.

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