Actress Laurel Griggs is dead. The Broadway star was only 13 years old


Mourning in Hollywood after Laurel Griggs, who made her Broadway debut at the age of six, died at the age of 13, reports. The young woman was considered a real wonderful child of the musical genre

Actress Laurel Griggs died at the age of 13

The girl made her Broadway debut in 2013, playing Polly in Tennessee Williams's "Cat on the Hot Roof". The young actress also played the role of Ivanka in the show "Once The Musical" for 17 months. Laurel Griggs' family announced on Sunday that the young actress he died following an asthma attack.

The girl's parents called the ambulance, and Laurel Griggs was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where doctors tried to resuscitate her, but without success, reports.

Laurel Griggs had numerous participation in Saturday Night Live

Laurel Griggs also starred in the movie "Cafe Society", directed by the famous Woody Allen in 2016. The teenage girl starred alongside Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell and Blake Lively. Also, Laurel Griggs had numerous participation in the famous television show Saturday Night Live. Although she had a career spanning several years, the girl managed to gather over a thousand Broadway appearances.

At the same time, she lent the voice of a character in the animated series "Bubble Guppies".

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