Adriana Lastra's tweet after the government agreement that paraphrases Rosalia … and receives all kinds of comments


If there is one reaction that has especially drawn attention After the pre-agreement signed between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias to form a coalition government has been that of Adriana Lastra.

"Tra tra!", has been the brief message of the vice secretary general of the PSOE on Twitter, which refers to the Rosalía's most emblematic song, Badly.

Lastra has accompanied the tweet with a photo of the 10 points of the agreement raising by PSOE and Unidos Podemos.

Lastra's message has received numerous criticisms on Twitter. "And there you go writing with the E.S.O …", wrote a user. Another has reproached him for making that joke yesterday, while a third user has replied with a "tra ca" and an image that shows what the bag has dropped this Tuesday after the agreement.

However, not everything has been negative reviews. Some have taken the opportunity to applaud the pact.

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