Albert Rivera resigns


The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has resigned on Monday as president of the party, after the electoral debacle of Citizens in the elections this Sunday. Too a waived his deputy minutes and has announced that leaves the policy.

Albert Rivera, in the appearance to announce his resignation.

Rivera has appeared at noon this Monday at the headquarters of Citizens in Madrid to make the three announcements, in an event in which he has not admitted questions from journalists. He has done so after meeting with his Executive to analyze the bad match results after the elections this Sunday, in which the orange formation went from have 47 deputies to be left alone with 10.

"The first decision I have made is that I resign as President of Citizens", Rivera announced in the appearance," so that in an extraordinary congress choose the future of this project. "

Pedro Sánchez, in Ferraz after 10-N.

The former president of Citizens has explained that the Sunday night will not advance his resignation, as many expected. "I have communicated it to who had to communicate it, understand," he explained, referring to his Executive, stressing that last night he had already advanced that "he would assume all the responsibilities in the first person."

Waiver of the minutes

Rivera has also announced that resignation of his deputy minutes, after "four years as a national deputy" and "in coherence with what I have been".

"I can't assume being a deputy in a Congress just for a payroll"

"I can't assume to be Deputy in a Congress just for a payroll", he said." Being a deputy is not a payroll, it is an honor, a way of understanding public life. "

"Every time I have entered the Congress of Deputies I have pinched myself of the honor of serving the Spanish people, of being a deputy representing the Spanish, someone who defends the unity of the Spanish, "he said.

"I was never in politics screwed to the seat, it is not what moves me, I am passionate about serving my country and I prefer that it is now someone who is at 120%, "he added.

"I leave public life"

Rivera has also announced that leaves the policy. "I leave public life," he said, and then add: "I come from civil society, I have a profession, they have taught me at home to work with my hands, with my head, with my values, and that is what I want do",

"I think the time has come to serve other people. To serve my parents, my daughter, my partner."

Rivera has said he has "life after politics." "I think the time has come to serve other people. To serve my parents, Stop suffering what they have suffered and accompany me. Serving my daughter, to which I have dedicated less hours than I should and less weekends than I had. To my partner, who has been by my side, enduring everything against all odds ", he explained.

"As life goes on, I I want to be happy, I have been happy at this time and I want to continue to be so, I will keep it out of politics, "he added.

"I had told you that I would be the president of the families, surely I will not be, but at least I will be a better father, a better couple," he said.

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