Amazon will hire more than 4,600 people in Spain for the Christmas campaign


Amazon will hire More than 4,600 new employees for the Christmas campaign in Spain, as a reinforcement in its network of logistics, distribution centers and logistics stations, as reported by the company.

Amazon's director of operations in France, Italy and Spain, Fred Pattie, has explained that new employees they will have the opportunity to train in the field of logistics and has pointed out that, every year, hundreds of employees who have worked at Amazon during the last quarter end up joining the company in a fixed way.

The workers who join Amazon during the Christmas campaign will join the employees of the five logistics centers, two distribution centers, two urban logistics centers and eleven logistics stations that Amazon has throughout the country to Help collect, package and ship customer orders.

In addition to the 4,600 new posts this Christmas, this year Amazon plans to create 600 new permanent jobs in Spain, which will increase its staff from 4,800 to more than 5,400 workers before the end of 2019. The company has invested more than 1,100 million euros in Spain since the launch of, in September 2011.

Candidates interested in opting for these vacancies during the Christmas campaign can get more information and submit your application online at

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