Andrei Aradits, the actor from the Vlad series, presents on the TV the house of a quarter of a million euros


Andrei and Andreea Aradits opened their souls in front of Oana Cuzino, at the show "What happens doctor?" from Pro Tv, broadcast on Sunday (November 10th) from 10.00. The two remembered that they met on film sets, and destiny caused their son, Eric, to step in the footsteps of his parents and make his big screen debut as well as on television.

Aradits plays the lead role of Stefan Dragomir, and his son in "Las Fierbinţi". the famous actor receives an understanding at home from the one who has been with him for so many years. One of the secrets of the Aradits family is … yoga, but also sports in general.

"It is always important to have something with your feet on the ground. My wife is the person who keeps me connected to reality, and my car Tico is the memory that plays the same role. Soon, Tico will be a sign of chiaburime (wealthy peasant – n.r.), because soon he will cross the threshold from the rable to antiquity and who knows, maybe his value will increase. In the summer we move to the house, there is a small one, a row of houses stuck, a kind of flipped block. It's a bigger house than an apartment, but it's still a small house. We start from a three-room apartment and move to a three-room house, only that instead of a balcony we will have a yard where we want to plant smiles and mouthpieces ”, Andrei Aradits told us and here he has taken this step. The villa is located in Voluntari and is estimated by real estate experts at 250,000 euros.

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