Anniversary of the Palace of Fine Arts Museum


* It will be a multidisciplinary event in which we will reflect on the function of said venue during 85 years of existence

Mexico, November 11 (November) .— With keynote lectures, work tables, cultural interventions and two documentary projections by a multidisciplinary group of artists, including experts in art history, architecture, museology, heritage conservation, collecting, muralism, archeology and visual arts, the 85th Anniversary Meeting of the Palace of Fine Arts Museum will be celebrated. The event will be held on November 29 at the Adamo Boari Hall and, as reported by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) in a statement, that date was designated as the inauguration of the Museum took place during a similar day , but from 1934. In this statement, it was announced that at 10:00 hours the activities will begin with the screening of the short film Poetry Aerial, by the photographer Santiago Arau, and then give way to the first working table with the participation of Miriam Kaiser and Fernanda Matos Moctezuma, former directors of the Palace of Fine Arts Museum. According to the program of activities, the conference "The Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts: territory of intensities and negotiations" will be offered, by Ana Garduño, who will address the topic of research on the history of the museum, in addition to a presentation by art historian Dina Comisarenco on the role of women in art, specifically, of those proposals that the museum commissioned to this sector throughout its exhibition history. Stresses that, in collaboration with the National Fonoteca, fragments of interviews made to the muralists that make up the collection of the site will be reproduced: Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Rufino Tamayo. They will also invite participants to interact with the multimedia and technology work VR Rigid Bodies by Julieta Gil and it is expected that as a 360 degree video, the user will reflect on the meaning of our monuments. Among other events, there is that of art historian and curator Iñaki Herranz, who will share an account of the disciplinary profile of the more than one thousand exhibitions that have been presented in the museum. To attend this program it is necessary to register on the museum's website.

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