Antonio Conte Inter Milan coach receives a bullet in an envelope


Antonio Conte has been threatened through an anonymous envelope, which contained a bullet and one letter. According Corriere della Sera, the coach would have received it in his own house. The event would have happened several days ago.

However, from the interist entity it has been denied that the letter has been received by Conte himself. They claim that it was the club itself that received it, in which slight references were made to the coach. Despite this, Inter Milan denounced the matter to the authorities.

This has caused that the Italian has reinforced with a police device its security, which will continue during the investigation. Inter Milan too has reinforced the measurements in the surroundings of his coach and around their installations.

The fact has been considered of 'mild' character, since it has no relationship, in principle, with groups of ultras or with the mafia. From the middle Corriere dello Sport ensure that investigation of the case will be carried out by the Milan Prosecutor's Office and the Milanese anti-terrorist group.

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