Apple's payment card is "sexist"


An investigation was opened in New York into the payment card of technology giant Apple and the bank Goldman Sachs after allegations of discrimination. This confirms the regulator of the financial services of the US state.

It was the American entrepreneur David Heinemeier who rang the bell. He called the Apple Card a "sexist program" on Twitter. "My wife and I file our taxes together and we have been married a long time. And yet Apple's "black box" algorithm thinks I'm entitled to a credit limit that is twenty times higher, "he writes.

An algorithm is called a "black box" if it cannot be explained why artificial intelligence makes certain decisions.

In a series of tweets, Heinemeier explains that he had some fruitless contacts with Apple's customer service, who could not explain why his wife was entitled to less credit than him.

The New York Financial Services Regulator opens an investigation to determine whether "the law of New York has not been violated and whether all consumers are treated in the same way, regardless of gender," said a service spokesperson.

Apple presented the Apple Card together with Mastercard and the Goldman Sachs bank in March. "Our decisions are based on the creditworthiness of customers and not on gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other factor that is prohibited by law," responds Andrew Williams, Goldman Sachs spokesperson.

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