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The disastrous score obtained by Dan Barna in the presidential elections was not even anticipated by the most skeptical of USR leaders and members. One of the big questions now being asked in the USR is to what extent the results of the candidate Barna could negatively influence the party's score in the following elections, especially the local ones. "Unfortunately, this piece of Romania that we relied on and believed in is apparently smaller than we anticipated," said Dan Barna in the first press conference after the presidential elections in which, according to partial official data , obtained only 14% of the vote, with nine percent less than Viorica Dăncilă.

However, the statement comes in some contradiction with another one made at the same press conference: "I take full responsibility for this objective that I did not reach".

After all, who did not reach their goal: Barna or USR-PLUS alliance?

To understand what the atmosphere in the USR is like now, we must start from the reality that there were enough voices from the party that did not share the optimism of the group around Dan Barna in these elections. Even for them, the big difference between their candidate and Viorica Dăncilă was a shock.

"I knew there was a small chance of going into round two, but I was expecting to get 18-19%. But there were many in the party who really believed that Barna would not only enter the second round but win the presidency. What were they based on? I have no idea. There were polls conducted by the campaign team, who said that the difference between the PSD candidate and Barna was two to three percent, but nine (no. In the National Office) were presented only with some conclusions. We were not asked questions, no other details. Some of us knew that many of our voters have a good opinion about Klaus Iohannis too, so they will vote for him in the presidential elections, ”USR sources told me today.

From this optimism that was not based on anything comes now and the big problem for the next period, I was told by the people I talked to, namely that many users did not even think that Barna would not enter the tour. second.

"From the beginning they set a wrong goal. In my opinion you should go for a campaign to help the local and parliamentarians and leave the voter with regret: well, I voted for Iohannis, but I'm sorry I didn't vote for Barna. Let USR-PLUS vote in the next elections, by way of compensation. Now, instead, I have the impression that Danca has wiped out with Barna and all the USR. That was the biggest strategy mistake I made, ”sources say.

A second mistake, say the same sources, would be that Dacian Cioloș was not allowed to run for president in place of Barna. "I do not know if it was not even a race of Cioloș, given that the USR polls came out three to four times higher than PLUS. Now, with good reason, Cioloș can say: "See, you are not as strong as you thought!" I, if I were in place of Cioloș, I would now propose the merger of USR and PLUS in one party. The barna is down, it would not be able to oppose ”, say members of the party leadership.

What would be the job the Fear is doing now?

"It is possible to create a perception that demobilizes people, and the perception becomes a reality. People don't stop firing, they don't trust anymore, and we, as a mobilization party, this can cost us a lot ”, says sources who believe that if Barna would now take a step back, the party would return more quick.

Can I repeat the mistake at the premises?

"Yes, given the fact that there are some who believe and do not know what it is based on, that anyone you put to stand against Firea, having USR-PLUS in the back, would win. This is not the case at all ”.

What other USR voices say

Cosette Chichirau, Dan Barna's counter-candidate in the USR's internal competition, went out public today and listed several mistakes made by the USR president, including the fact that he had nothing to say about Iohannis, "if- he wanted the job, he had to show that he is better than this ”and the refusal to enter the government after the fall of the Danube Government.

MEP Cristian Ghinea wrote on Facebook that "Today the system was stronger", referring obviously to Barna's failure to enter the second round of elections.

What analysts say

But how can you see the score obtained by the USR-PLUS candidate from outside the party? I asked sociologist Barbu Mateescu why he thinks he didn't get the message from Dan Barna to more people.

"There was no strong message from the candidate to target voters outside USR-PLUS. Also, interestingly, the intention to vote and therefore the USR-PLUS electorate have narrowed over the last few months, probably due to the censorship motion that did not put USR-PLUS in the foreground. In other words, Dan Barna's presidential campaign has been effective in mobilizing much or all of an increasingly smaller electorate. ”

What do you think were the main disadvantages of Barna in this campaign: lack of awareness, RISE investigation, lack of a clear strategy etc?

The strategy and communication together suffered (the first influencing the second). Too much room for action was left to Klaus Iohannis, allowing USR-PLUS voters to take over. There were no Iohannis voters from PNL or other parts of the electorate that Barna tried to convince. Probably the candidate itself was overrated or the quality of the messages, which I personally found to be unspecific and unmemorable. I also found the strategy inflexible. There were two more weeks, the situation was clear and serious and yet Dan Barna still did not say why Iohannis would not be a voting option in round one, he had to be chosen *** instead!

The man who devised that strategy was respected by the campaign team. I don't know who he is, but it seems he was wrong.

Who are the voters on which Dan Barna relied and who have now voted on someone else (Iohannis or Paleologu)?

Voters of Iohannis (very few Paleologists, who took as many votes as the PMP did). Barna did not appear in their mind as a better option than Iohannis.

Do you think the score obtained by Viorica Dăncilă is surprising?

It is somewhat surprising that Mircea Diaconu failed to mobilize more PSD voters in his favor. He led an unorthodox campaign in the atypical sense, but he did not convince.

Does the PSD candidate have a chance to win in round 2?

It's theoretical. A complete demobilization of Dan Barna's voters would make the race closer than you would think.

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