Bea Fanjul, the Basque chess player friend of Almeida and Casado who joins the Popular bench in Congress


"I will give voice to all the Biscayans who feel constitutionalist, who feel Basque and who feel Spanish." Beatriz Álvarez Fanjul (Bilbao, 1991) is a chess player, is 27 years old and has a twin sister (and four more siblings) and this term will be the only representative of the Basque Country in the Congress of Deputies that will sit on the popular bench. One of the youngest, too.

It is the deputy number 89 of the PP and the last to join the Parliamentary Group, since it was this Wednesday, three days after the general elections, when the counting of the votes abroadthey took one of the seven seats from the PNVto add them to the PP. That seat will be occupied by the constituency of Biscay.

Affiliated to the PP since the age of 18, she took the witness of veteran Leopoldo Barrena as number 1 on the list by Vizcaya for the 28-A elections. For this he had to leave his job at the international purchasing and sales department from a multinational in the Basque Country.

However, it will not be your first contact with politics, as it is part of the New Generations address in the Basque Country and it was one of the first voices that was pronounced in favor of the candidacy of Pablo Casado in the race of the succession of Mariano Rajoy to the front of the party.

Close to the popular president, he has received the support of Casado and together with him he participated in an act in the primary of the PP in the town of Ermua in 2018. But he also joins a great friendship with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, " one of the best people "he has met in the game.

He went viral for an intervention in Ourense defending politicians like Gregorio Ordonez and denouncing the absence of more politicians like him, which raised blisters in the popular ranks themselves. Even in those moments Casado stole it and later, already as president of the party, he opted for it to head the Biscay list that, despite not getting it in April, after these electionsHe will have a seat in the lower house.

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