Bogdan Chirieac and Mircea Badea, GENIAL dialogue after the presidential one


Bogdan Chirieac and Mircea Badea had a great dialogue, on Sunday evening, at Antena 3 after the 2019 presidential result.

Bogdan Chirieac said: "It is clear from the figures presented that almost 40% of the non-high school citizens voted for Klaus Iohannis.

Mircea Badea made a remark: “They don't have a high school, but at least they have Facebook. They have Facebook in the yard. ”

According to the data provided by the AEP, after the centralization of 18,748 polling stations, which means 8,686,619 votes (100%), no changes were found. Thus, Klaus Iohannis ranks first with 36.65%, followed by Viorica Dăncilă with 23.79%, and Dan Barna with 13.99% ranks third.

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