Bolivia is called coup d'etat: Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders' message about the coup against Evo Morales continues to generate debate in social media and networks.

In an interview with Jorge Ramos, the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party said during the Real América forum, an event for the presentation of proposals by Democrats to Hispanic voters, that the military intervention in the Bolivia process makes it clear that it was a coup state.

Many people do not agree that the resignation of Evo Morales is a coup d'etat and the OAS accused that there was an electoral fraud in the 2019 process, Jorge Ramos questioned.

"Morales did a very good job in alleviating the poverty of his country and in giving the Bolivian Indians a voice they had never had before," Sanders replied.

“We can discuss his intention to go for a fourth presidential office, was it a wise decision? But, at the end of the day, it was the militia who intervened in the process, when the militia intervenes that is called a coup d'etat, ”said the senator for Vermont, which produced a standing ovation among those attending the forum.

Sanders' words were replicated in social networks by international media. In addition, as journalist Walker Bragman points out, Sanders was the first presidential candidate for the Democratic Party to recognize that the crisis in Bolivia was a coup d'etat.

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