Bolivia: President's sister house burned down. The protesters occupied the television and the radio. Evo Morales announces the organization of new elections


The president of the country announced on Twitter that his sister's house and the residences of the governors in Oruro and Chuquisaca had been burned, and Mexico was concerned about the situation, having already started receiving asylum applications.

The director of Radio Patria Nueva, Iván Maldonado, said: “I was forcibly removed after constantly receiving threats from those gathered in front of the headquarters. They have tried to force us to suspend the emission ”.

Bolivia TV and Radio Patria Nueva returned after the incident only with music.

Bolivian President Evo Morales condemned the action in a message posted on Twitter: "I say it defends democracy, but it acts as a dictatorship."

Shortly after, a radio station of the farmers' union, CSUTCB, was occupied by the protesters, Morales announced. He likened the incident to actions during military dictatorships.

Evo Morales, who was re-elected on October 20 for a new term of president, leading to street protests, said his sister's residence in Oruro was burned down, as were the governors in the homonymous region (in the west). of the country) and from Chuquisaca (center-south).

"We want peace," Chuquisaca governor Esteban Urquizu wrote on Twitter. Chuquisaca is the region where Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

On Saturday, Morales called for opposition to a dialogue to "pacify" the country that is going through the biggest political crisis of the last three decades.

In more than two weeks of protests and clashes between Morales's supporters and contestants, 3 people died and 383 were injured, according to official data.

"We hope to be listened to," said Morales, who invited organizations such as the UN and the OAS (Organización de Estado Americanos), Pope Francis and "countries from all over the world" to participate in the dialogue.

On the other hand, the Mexican government describes the situation in Bolivia as "serious" and urges the parties to dialogue, informs TVE.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrad said he is concerned about the political situation in the South American state and that the Government has already received asylum applications.

"The situation in Bolivia is very serious. The dialogue called is urgent. I keep a close eye on what's going on. We already have asylum applications that we deal with, "he wrote on Twitter. “Mexico is for democracy and law enforcement. Strike is a step back. ”

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on Sunday the call for new general elections, after the Organization of American States (OAS) recommended a repeat of the vote that gave him the winner on October 20.

Morales assured, in a brief intervention, that the new elections will take place after the electoral body will be changed.

The result of the October 20 elections was criticized by the opposition and tens of thousands of people, who protested for more than two weeks.

The OAS, which monitored the elections, called for the results to be canceled.

In a statement, he said that the electoral process in the country must be resumed, taking "the first tour as soon as there are new conditions to offer new guarantees", among them, a new formula of the electoral body.

Evo Morales, first elected in 2016, denied that he was involved in election fraud and refused to resign.

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