BRUGGE CLUB 2-1 // VIDEO Ladislau Boloni, sensational victory with the leader of Belgium! He saved his post after returning from 0-1


With only one win in the last five stages, Bölöni was behind the wall. One more failure and he would not have won match 100 in Antwerp. But what reaction did his team have, just in front of the leader of the Jupiler Pro League! Led to the break, the hosts returned to a formidable second half with Bruges. The clash occurred at the end of the first half, when the referee interrupted the match 10 minutes. And the time stopped at 42:13, after the hosts' fans bombed an assistant with glasses of beer!

The shock of the beer glasses

The Romanian coach was agitated as a lion on the halls between the locker rooms, he talked to the central, looking for solutions to return to the game. Since then, Antwerp has also dominated the pressure put on the public and the opponents have produced effects, confirming the better numbers of the hosts (only possession belonged to Brugge).

Mbokani gave the signal. The Congolese cleverly took out a penalty, which he converted with a foul (49). Then Lamkel Ze set off on a fantastic run to the left, centering force from the bottom line and Buta's deflected ball hit Mignolet, entering the net. Goal (64) and 2-1. The Cameroonian chose to enjoy sitting on a chair in front of the lawn, triggering the madness in the stadium.

0 victorieshad Bölöni in the previous six duels with Brugge, three failures and three draws. Since May 1997 Antwerp had not won against the "black-blue"

They defended themselves heroically

There were minutes of desperate attacks from the guests, but the defense resisted. Hoedt saved Bolat in Vanaken's 2-2 draw. Schrijvers, who had opened the score, sent over the bar and Antwerp escaped without a goal and without a shot from 11 meters claimed by Vanaken at Buta's side. On the contrary, Mbokani could make the difference, but Sobol got off the line. You guys breathe more peacefully.

Thus, Antwerp took 5th place, three points above the area outside the play-off. Boloni's team has 24 points in 14 matches. Bruges has 33 points and is the leader.

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