Budescu and Alibec cannot change the national fate! Sumudica, tranant: "They had the straps from the chair on the ass!"


Contra summoned Budescu and Alibec for the decisive matches with Sweden and Spain.

Romania has to play two fiery matches to qualify for EURO 2020. Contra's team must defeat Sweden and make a point with Spain to go to the final tournament.

Denis Alibec and Constantin Budescu were called back to the Contra national team after showing excellent form in the club team. The two play at Astra.

Even if they were summoned, Marius Sumudica says that doesn't mean they will play. The Romanian coach argues that the value of the two is higher, but they have been called before and have not been used.

"I was not surprised that he summoned him. Alibec is the best attacker in Romania. He can tell me who he wants, what he wants. Alibec can make a difference if he is fit, if he is fit, so is Budescu. I can't solve the double with Sweden and Spain, I don't even know if they will play. Didn't they take the stools from the seat when they went to the shower? Are there two lethal players who can play 90 minutes badly and in the 90th minute to do something, to invent! "said Sumudica.

Sumudica: "The chances of qualification are below 50%"

Even though Budescu and Alibec are two good weapons for the national team, Sumudica does not believe that Romania has high chances to qualify.

"Even if we beat Sweden, it is difficult to qualify Romania. At this level there is no humanity. No, Spain is Spain. I want to qualify, I want the beating of Contra, but I think at this moment the chances are below 50% ", was Sumi's verdict.

Again to the Euro! Thursday, November 14, 20:30 Romania U21 – Finland U21, live on PRO TV!

All Romania sees Romania! at PRO TV FINAL Fights for the national team: Friday, November 15, 9:45 pm, Romania – Sweden! Monday, November 18, 9:45 pm, Spain – Romania!

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