Campaign battle between in-laws at a wedding because of music control


Weddings do not always end as one would like. That is what the couple had to think of a link that took place a few days ago in Kodad, Telangana state, India.

Surely the couple got a tremendous disappointment to see their relatives insulting and sticking during the party. The reason, according to media reports, was none other than a discussion about the type of music that should be played at the treat.

According to police sources, the anger began the parents of the bride, that they were not satisfied with the music They were putting on the event, so they proceeded to tell the couple in love.

The boyfriend informed them that the music had been chosen by him and that it was very complicated to change it at that stage of the party.

Explanations by his son-in-law that did not seem to convince her parents, who decided to leave. Faced with this ugly gesture, and his son's anguish over everything that was going on, heThe parents of the groom decided to intervene very indignantly.

That is how the pitched battle began in which he derived everything, with throwing chairs included and visits to the hospital of some family members.

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