Carmen Cervera talks about the problems that can take her son to jail


Although so far has tried not to be part of the controversyCarmen Cervera has finally talked about the alleged crime of tax fraud against her son Borja and her daughter-in-law Blanca Cuesta. The baroness has sincere in an interview to Hello!, where he has revealed that he has been suffering for months because of the problems that plague his family.

It is not for less: they request for marriage three years in prison and one million euros of fine, as a penalty for having defrauded, according to the Treasury, more than 300,000 euros in 2010.

"I am suffering a lot. As a mother, I am having a very bad time," He has told the mentioned magazine, before highlighting that he defends the version that his son tells. "How can I not be on your side," said Cervera, who also stressed that has contacted Blanca Cuesta, even though this was the trigger for the lousy mother-child relationship for seven years.

"Of course I called Blanca, who is in Madrid, to tell her that count on me in whatever you need", the baroness has settled, trying not to recall the family problems that have starred in years.

He also stressed that, although it is clear that you should not get where you are not called, He has already contacted his lawyers Ángel Acebes and José María Michavila to advise him on the situation. "It's still early, because it's the lawyers who are learning everything. I can't say anything, first because I don't know more and because saying anything could harm the process," he explained.

Problems with the Treasury

Despite the appeal filed (and rejected), the Madrid Prosecutor's Office continues to request three years in prison and the payment of a fine of one million euros for Borja Thyssen, since both he and his wife are accused of defrauding 336,417.89 euros to the Treasury.

It all happened in 2010, when the marriage jointly filed the income statement corresponding to that year with a capital gain of 2,206,527.50 euros for the sale of the shares of Cas Capetó SL., when, in reality, the benefits amounted to 3,792,564.92 euros, as the Prosecutor's Office points out.

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