Carmen Harra, shock forecast for the second round of the 2019 presidential election


Carmen Harra spoke about the presidential elections 2019. According to her forecasts, the two candidates are waiting for a final round full of surprises.

"Something will change in Romania … I mean, I do not necessarily refer to the president, I refer to those who have ruled Romania for the last time … There have been some massive errors and this needs to be corrected," says Carmen Harra, convinced that positive things will happen in the near future in Romania. And, after requesting the birth date of Viorica Dăncilă, he issued a series of forecasts. "I say that all Klaus Iohannis will remain … She is on the edge of a knife. Her chances of entering (no. – in the second round of the presidential elections 2019) would be, but she is on the edge of a knife, she will be on the border between the second or third place ", said Carmen Harra, for

Carmen Harra sees a woman president in the future of Romania. "It will surprise us, a blond woman will come from behind. No, not Elena Udrea, I have never seen her as president, nor Gabriela Firea … Someone else, a woman around 40 years old, not Alina Gorghiu, someone else unexpected. "
At the time of transmitting this news, the AEP has finished counting the votes from all polling stations in Romania, and the general situation looks like this: Klaus Iohannis – 3,132,888 votes – 36.65%, Viorica Dăncilă – 2,033,616 votes – 23.79%, Dan Barna – 1,196,173 votes – 13.99%.

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