Caru 'with stars: Parastas with pizza 7 years after the death of Iurie Darie; Ilinca Vandici: "It happened to me to support a man, and not once, but twice!" – You see


Pizza parastas 7 years after Iurie Darie's death. With tears in his eyes and, as usual, with the photograph of Iurie Darie in the chest. This is how Anca Pandrea appeared yesterday morning in the Holy Friday cemetery in the capital. It's been 7 years since the love of her life, Iurie Darie, left this world, so she organized a memorial service and gave her wine and pizza. About 20 people came to Iurie Darie's grave on Saturday to remember him and be with Ancra Pandrea, notes Click.How our celebrities look without makeup and filters. Iulia Albu showed a gesture of courage, posting on her Instagram page a photo that appears without makeup. It is spectacular that, at the age of 38, the star has a seamless, bright face, lacking pigmented spots and obvious wrinkles. It seems that she has taken great care of her skin over time, resorting to various treatments, especially as, as she admitted, in her teens she had serious problems with acne, writes Viva

Ilinca Vandici: "It happened to me to support a man, and not once, but twice!" "It seemed absolutely normal to me that if I work and I can help you, I help you without problems, that you may have a bad pass or a period. And it happened to me, even twice. I have had many attempts, many moments to buy, insecurity, anxiety, abandonment, simply, because I also went through most of the top TVs in Romania, trying to find my place ", said Ilinca Vandici, according to Ok magazine.

Simona Pătruleasa, the newsman Kanal D, has celebrated 15 years since the TV debut. "I have been in Kanal D for 10 years and 15 years since I was on TV. I spend less time writing news and more with my daughter, Ingrid (8 years). From Monday to Friday, we do homework, we walk, and on the weekends I am in the news, where she also comes with me. She's a good guy in second grade and she's very friendly. When she was younger, she was fascinated by television after being on a few shows, "said Simona Pătruleasa, according to Click.

Exclusive interview with Radu, Stefan Bănică's son: “My father sent me home after hours of rehearsals. I have suffered!" "I inherited the talent, I love to sing, I played piano for many years, I also did dance courses with Elwira Petre, Mihai Petre's wife, I would like to throw myself in the music industry, but for now theater first and I will focus on it. I went to casting many times. Having this name, there are advantages and disadvantages ”, Radu said for Freedom.

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