Celta Vigo 4-1 // VIDEO Messi, two free kick goals: "Challenge the perfection" / 11 years in a row with 40 goals! + other FANTASTIC figures!


Mundo Deportivo is enchanted by the new recital given at Camp Nou by the Barcelona captain, with the spectacular hat-trick of two free kicks and a penalty.

In times of crisis Barcelona needs the best version of Messi. Leo also responded Saturday night to dispel the criticisms and doubts of a week with the black disappointments of Levante and Slavia. He defeated Celta almost single-handedly (4-1), with three sublime executions from fixed stages.

"Messi is a genius. Wonderful square!", titled El Mundo Deportivo, after the spectacular hat-trick and the recital offered by the Argentinian.

11 years in a row with 40 goals!

The two free kicks, like Xerox, once again delighted the Barça fans. The captain has a formidable record in the last 8 seasons, with most "live" on the table in the Top 5 European championships.

Alone, with 29 successes, it surpasses Juventus (27), Real Madrid (23), AS Roma (21), Lyon (21) and PSG (20)! Moreover, this is the 11th consecutive year in which Lionel also scores 40 goals.

"Challenges Perfection"

He removed Ernesto Valverde from an ungrateful situation: “We have no way of giving up Messi. And if he played elsewhere, that team would depend on him. It lights up the game, it always makes a difference. Challenges perfection with free kicks. Outside the goals, the team also helped a lot. With him in the field, anything is possible! We have to support the players in good matches, but also in the weakest ones. The season is long, "said the Catalan coach.

34 hat-tricksIn La Liga Messi was able to win against Celtic, equaling Cristiano Ronaldo. Leo scored the first for Barcelona in March 2007

52 hat-tricksin all competitions Leo made the Boat. Also 52 is the number of free kick goals, of which only 29 in the last eight seasons


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