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Home Entertainment Chaos at Buckingham Palace: Prince Harry would have reappeared with a drink

Chaos at Buckingham Palace: Prince Harry would have reappeared with a drink


Meghan Markle was at home with her son Archie, while Prince Harry was visiting Japan. Prince Harry traveled there to support the rugby team in England. Being alone and tired of the troubles with the British tabloids, he would have drowned his bitter alcohol.

According to some sources, Prince Harry would have fallen again into the passion of alcohol addiction. The quote is from some British tabloids that blame "a source" very close to Meghan Markle and Harry.

"Harry is no longer able to cope with the pressures he is facing"

Together with Meghan, they became victims of the English press, which does not "weaken" them for a moment. He tries to make the world understand that people in the royal family are ordinary characters and should not be the subject of attacks in their private life because they hold a noble title. These confessions were necessary, especially since for one year he and Meghan lived a nightmare life due to excessive media coverage, to the point of absurdity.

Harry would have fallen into drunkenness again during a trip to Japan. Meghan Markle was the one who discovered this and it seems she is now fighting with her husband. For the time being, however, the news has not been confirmed and there may still be some "innocent" creepy lizards with the clear intention of entering into their private life. Even if you come to drink with such stress …

Meghan forbade Harry to drink after Archie came to the world

After Archie was born, Meghan doesn't like Harry drinking anymore. The Duchess of Sussex has asked her husband to stop drinking, after finding out she was pregnant last year. In January, royal sources informed, Markle asked her husband to get involved in a healthier lifestyle, notes the cheatsheet.

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