China successfully tests descent module for its first mission to Mars


The National Space Administration of China (CNSA) successfully carried out the landing module test of its future unmanned exploration mission to Mars, scheduled for 2020.

China's first Mars Lander made its public debut this Thursday in a landing test that took place in a special polygon located in Huailai County, in Hebei Province, the CGTN television channel published.

The landing module was placed in atmospheric conditions that simulated those of the red planet, where the force of gravity is approximately one third of the Earth's gravity.

A safe landing is one of the most difficult challenges of a Mars exploration mission, said the National Space Administration of China.

The test was aimed at verifying the design and capacity of the robotic probe's landing module, which has become the first of its kind in China, said Zhang Kejian, director of the CNSA, said China Daily.

This has been the first time that China opens its mission to Mars to foreign visitors, the director said, adding that it was a practical step in the nation's exchange and cooperation with the international space community.

China plans to launch its first mission to Mars in 2020 with the goal of orbiting and landing a rover on the red planet. The mission plans to conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive exploration of Mars, and conduct detailed studies of key areas of the Martian surface.

This was the first public appearance of the Mars exploration project in China. The space agency invited foreign diplomats, representatives of political unions and international organizations to the event, including the African Union, the European Union and the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, as well as journalists from national and foreign media.

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