Christ, about the results: We have 2 puzzles, but the most important is the Sunday puzzle, 6pm


Ion Cristoiu made an analysis after the first official results of Sunday's presidential elections.

Political analyst Ion Cristoiu said for Mediafax on Monday that the first official results of Sunday's presidential election show a manipulation of public opinion on the day of the vote.

"The first official results show, as I said yesterday, that the assertion huge voting presence it was a gross manipulation of public opinion because it is the weakest presence in post-decembrist history, but it was necessary to create this atmosphere in favor of Klaus Iohannis because Iohannis wants to make these presidential elections, not simply to win, but to it wins, in historical terms, huge, huge presence, people who crowd to vote it, high scores. Another manipulation was the one related to the diaspora, where the presence was exaggerated because, after three days, to 4 million citizens, it was normal to be about two million to vote. So this was the first manipulation, "the political analyst explained.

Asked how the first official results are related to the information previously reported on a historical presence at the ballot box and a vote of over 40%, even 50% for Klaus Iohannis, Ion Cristoiu evoked the idea of ​​an enigma, a score reversal, on Sunday evening.

"The answer sends to a new post-decembrist enigma and I definitely want to formulate it, namely, the enigma, Sunday, 6 o'clock. Sunday, November 10, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, there was a reversal in the voting process, more than enigmatic. Namely, all the polls, all that was known through the newsrooms was that, in the country, Viorica Dăncilă was shoulder to shoulder with Dan Barna. It was considered that the diaspora will come and then clearly Dan Barna was in round 2. (…) Manipulations of vision on Romania began to appear, namely that the electoral behavior changed, meaning that the young people go out in the morning and the old people go out in the evening. . This was not true, because the PSD electorate is an electorate removed by mayors, an older electorate, coming out in the morning. He leaves in the morning not because he is afraid to go out at night, but because this is the behavior when you retire. In the morning you are more lively, so to speak as a pensioner. And then it is clear that this reversal happened at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, "said the journalist.

Ion Cristoiu also said that in the second round Klaus Iohannis will not be able to get a historic victory given the reduced presence of the vote.

The journalist considers an enigma and the behavior of Dan Barna who acknowledged his defeat without waiting for the official result of the result.

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