cities in which the Abascal party has won the elections


Vox has won 52 seats in the November 10 general election.

Abascal's party has swept Ceuta and has taken the deputy who won the PSOE in the previous elections of April 28 and in turn snatched the PP, which historically had ruled in this autonomous city.

Also, the far right party has won the elections in the region of Murcia, where the PP has regained the leadership lost in April regarding the PSOE and Citizens has sunk to lose the two deputies that had in the previous legislature. In Murcia it has become the most voted force.

The rise of Vox in Andalusia has consolidated in these general elections to be the third most supported force, a few votes from the PP, which has allowed him to double the seats he won half a year ago, after passing from six to twelve. Citizens lose their seats in Jaén, Huelva, Granada or Almería and pockets them Vox.

In the Community of Madrid, Vox has managed to position itself as the third force, behind the PP and take advantage of the electoral crash of Citizens to get a total of seven seats, two seats more than in the last elections of April 28.

Santiago Abascal

Specifically, it has obtained 643,752 votes compared to 524,176 six months ago, that is, 119,576 more votes. They would enter as deputies for Madrid their leader Santiago Abascal, Javier Ortega Smith-Molina, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, María de la Cabeza Ruiz Solás, Carla Toscano de Balbín, Juan Luis Steegmann Olmedillas and Mireia Borrás Pabón.

In Catalonia, Vox has obtained almost 100,000 votes more than in the last elections. Some results that have allowed the party to obtain a second deputy for Barcelona.

In the Valencian Community, Vox has knocked out Citizens as the third electoral force and passes from 3 to 7 seats, after growing six points of support, up to 18%.

The formation led by Santiago Abascal we have surpassed La Rioja to Podemos-IU, which has obtained 9.85% of the votes and that until now was the third political force; and to Citizens, who was in fourth place and this Sunday has reached 7.05%.

In Extremadura, Vox has won 2 seats, one more than April 28, at the expense of Citizens, who loses the two he had.

In the Canary Islands, where it had no representation, breaks into two seats and in the Balearic Islands it goes from 1 to 2.

The emptied Spain drives Vox

Tomás Guitarte, candidate of Teruel There

The emptied Spain and the districts that distribute less deputies have driven in large part the spectacular rise of Vox in the elections this Sunday at the cost of the collapse of citizens who lost all their representation in the less populated provinces.

The most paradigmatic case of this transfer of seats is Castile and Leon, where the party of Albert Rivera, who governs in coalition with the PP in the regional Executive, has lost the eight deputies he got last April.

Vox and, to a lesser extent the PP, have benefited from that cataclysm of Citizens and while the party of Santiago Abascal has gone from a single deputy in April to six seats, the PP has risen three and now has 13.

A phenomenon identical to what has happened in Castilla la Mancha where Citizens has left the four seats he has held since April, one of whom was the spokesman of the party, Juan Carlos Girauta.

The 10-N territorial map by autonomous communities

Vox already had two deputies inCastilla-La Mancha and now he has five, while the PP has risen one. The PSOE remains with nine.

Different case is Aragon where Abascal's party does not finish curdling, at least in the distribution of seats, although in percentage.

Had a seat and it remains the same, but Citizens lose the three they had, who go to the PP, the PSOE and Teruel Existe, who gets into Congress and will occupy a seat in the mixed group.

The Autonomous Communities that resist Vox

In Galicia Abascal’s game doesn’t end, despite rising 2.5 points to 7.8% and exceeding one hundred and ten thousand votes. Thus, in A Coruña, Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra, Vox has no representation.

Also in Navarra, La Rioja and Basque Country They resist the entry of Abascal's party in Congress.

Results by provinces

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