Correos joins the zerca project!


The zerca! Online platform, promoted by the T-ZIR innovation center and backed by Henneo, Ibercaja Y Aragon Chambers, has signed a strategic agreement with Correos to facilitate the shipment and delivery of small and medium-sized products.

The president of T-ZIR, Alfonso Solans, the president of the Post Office, Juan Manuel Serrano, and the president of Hiberus, Íñigo de Yarza, They have been responsible for sealing this alliance.

With Correos as a new partner, the project, which aims to help the digital transformation of these businesses, improves its service and offers greater advantages to the consumer. Delivery times are reduced: 24 hours in the case of the Aragonese capital and 48 hours in the rest of Spain, except for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Also, thanks to the signed agreement, combined purchase (in different stores) and unified delivery to the customer will be possible,

adapting, in this way, to the logistics of proximity.

Alfonso Solans, president of T-ZIR, affirms that “the incorporation of Correos as a strategic partner to the zerca platform! It is a fundamental endorsement at all levels. Its about best logistics partner we could add to our project and with which we share the same philosophy, to be global from the local fabric ”.

For the president of Post, Juan Manuel Serrano, “the collaboration agreement with zerca! it is an excellent example of how lThe new times have also reached the Post Office logistics, with a new logistic model capable of adapting to the needs of our customers, no matter how demanding they may be ”.

Currently zerca! It continues to grow with new additions. The 600 shops distributed throughout all the neighborhoods of Zaragoza have already been exceeded, a wide network that allows the final consumer to access many and varied products during the 365 days of the year. For the merchant, the initiative guarantees digitalization without any cost.

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