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The Bolintin Vale court rejected the appeal of MEP Claudiu Manda, who was left without a driving license after being caught driving at 125km / h in the locality. The court decision can be challenged.

MEP Claudiu Manda, PSD President Dolj, lost the process by which he challenged the sanction applied by Giurgiu police officers for exceeding the legal speed, according to Mediafax.

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The Bolintin Vale court rejected the appeal, which he considered "unfounded".

“He dismisses the counter-complaint as unfounded. With the right to appeal within 30 days of communication ”, is the solution of the Bolintin Vale Court.

In April, the police suspended Claudiu Manda's permit for a period of 90 days, after the parliamentarian was caught 125km / h in the locality, within the radius of Mihăileşti city in Giurgiu county, sources from the Police declared.

The mandate was sanctioned with 1,305 lei.

“At 4pm I was sitting in the Senate. At 15.40, in Mihăileşti. I was sitting and at 4pm I had to arrive. I left in good time only to be late on the road. It was a two-lane road at the entrance to the village. It's true what happened. I was in a hurry to get to the Parliament ”, declared then Cladiu Manda, for MEDIAFAX.

Manda's wife, Olguţa Vasilescu, also said that it was embarrassing for the Romanian Police to give the sources the information that his driving license was suspended to Claudiu Manda, because he was driving fast. She stated that she was also in the car and later left Craiova.

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