Dan Barna explains how calculations are made at USR-PLUS: how many percent are sure to recover – News on sources


USR-PLUS President Dan Barna says he could recover 3-4 percent of the diaspora, and a slight increase in the country because the exit-poll results are valid at 19.00.

"They are results specific to an exit poll, but I remain optimistic because they are given for 19.00 and do not include the diaspora. There are many hours of voting in the diaspora.

There will probably be between 3 and 4 percent and the diaspora. It is reasonable to say that we will get 45% in the diaspora. In the country it could recover percentages, because the exit-poll results are for 19.00.

Seeing the results and being the only candidate who was attacked orchestrated by the old parties, I think sometimes I sit and think that sometimes I could have stayed even longer in the street or other actions. I do not regret that I have entered this race and I am still optimistic, ”said Dan Barna, at Realitatea Plus.

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