Dan Barna recognizes his defeat: I waited until the last moment


Dan Barna said on Facebook on Sunday that according to data provided by the USR parallel count, he failed to enter the second round of the presidential elections. He added that he will continue to fight for a Romania that is "modernizing and cleaning up corruption".

Image of article Dan Barna acknowledges his defeat: I waited until the last moment

Dan Barna recognizes his defeat: I waited until the last moment

"I thank all those who trusted me and the USR PLUS Alliance for these elections. I especially thank those in the Diaspora for today's historical presence. According to the data we have after the parallel counters, we were not able to get into round 2. We hoped until the last moment, but we do not have enough votes. Beyond the votes, this campaign meant hundreds of thousands of Romanians I talked to, the things I learned from them, the thousands of miles we traveled across the country. They are with my colleagues, who have worked enormously in this campaign and I convey to them that I am proud of what we have been able to do. We will continue to fight with all our energy for a Romania that is modernizing and cleansing itself of corruption ”, wrote Dan Barna, on Facebook.

He added that the USR-PLUS alliance will remain the political force in which people will put their hopes for Romania's change.

According to the data provided by the AEP, after the centralization of 18,667 polling stations, which means 8,610,226 votes (99.1%), Klaus Iohannis obtained 36.6%, Viorica Dăncilă-23.8% and Dan Barna-13, 9%.

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