Dan Vasile Mihale: Give it 23%? Why Barna lost


PNL and PSD campaign strategies can be easy to breathe. They will have a final Iohannis – Dăncilă, a final laughed, crying. Few have anticipated this scenario, but even fewer have believed that Dăncilă, Dragnea's puppet, can achieve such a high score. 23% is a low score for PSD, but it is a huge score for Dăncilă.

The party machine moved very well, and the leader of the Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă woke up in the second round, although he resigned all day with his resignation on the table. It is a stage victory for Dăncilă and for PSD, after the shameful defeat of the European Parliament and the loss of government. In two weeks, the crowning queen of the sunglasses will be history anyway. So it doesn't matter anymore. Qualifying for the second round represents for PSD the goal of honor.

Manipulation with pension cuts and salaries kept. 23% of the Romanians with voting rights put the stamp on Danca. It is their choice and respect. Who are the people who voted for it? 55% are retirees and 27% are budgetary. Regarding the level of vocational training, 31% of Dăncilă's voters have elementary education, 55% have average education and only 14% higher education.

For Iohannis it is convenient. It is the most convenient counter-candidate. I can't even imagine a public confrontation Dancile – Iohannis. It would beat all audience records. But I have reservations that Iohannis will accept the challenge of Viorica Dăncilă. Former puppet premier "puts the stick through the fence" to grow in polls, but useless. Sunday's score is the maximum possible for Mrs. Danila, and the vote in the diaspora may lower her score.

The big loser in the presidential election is Dan Barna. Many, including myself, see Barna in round two with the help of the diaspora. But the barna is far from the score obtained in the European Parliament. Why did Barna lose? First of all, because of his arrogant attitude towards PNL. While PNL was waiting for help in installing the Orban Government, Barna insisted with anticipations and said in the loop that he was not interested in government. It was only announced at 12 o'clock that it was backing the Orban Government and only after Cioloş set the tone. Secondly, Barna mismanaged the scandal triggered after the publication of the Rise Project investigation, which suggested some morality issues and not legality.

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