"Dangerous" drugs found on the beach. It would be over 100 kg


An investigation was opened in France after the discovery of narcotics bags, including cocaine, which failed on several beaches in the Atlantic, the Rennes Public Prosecutor's Office announced on Sunday.

As of November 4, "suspicious packages have been found" in various places on a stretch of the French Atlantic coast, in the Saint-Nazaire region (west) to the Basque area (southwest), the institution says in a statement.

"A first analysis shows that these failed packs are actually bags containing narcotics, especially cocaine, having a high degree of purity" and, therefore, "particularly dangerous", adds the text.

"So far, a very large amount of drugs has been recovered," said the prosecutor, who recalls that "any discovery must be made immediately known to the police or the gendarmerie without any manipulation."
To carry this type of product is a crime punishable by 10 years in prison.

"Content and packaging can be dangerous to health," the gendarmes say. These bags may present a '' touch hazard '' or cause 'vapors'.

In the Bordeaux region, passersby discovered several packages of cocaine on La Teste and Arcachon beaches since Thursday. These are "important quantities", according to the Bordeaux Public Prosecutor's Office.

In total, at least 120 kilograms of drugs were recovered, according to the Southwest regional newspaper.

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