"David's Rest" came into the hands of the Russians. Moscow can learn how to defeat the best performing Israeli missile defense system


The most advanced Israeli ground-to-air missile fired from the missile system called "David's Praise" arrived in Russia after being found intact in Syria, writes Russian media.

The rocket was fired on July 23, 2018, and Syrian forces sent to the scene found the rocket only slightly damaged by impact. The rocket was then taken to a Russian-Syrian base, where it was transferred to Moscow for Russian engineers to examine.

Israel used them to bring down Russian missiles launched by Syrian troops into Israeli territory. One of the Israeli missiles was destroyed after it became clear that the Syrian missiles would not reach Israel, but an Israeli missile crashed into Syria. "David's Praia" is a medium-range interception rocket produced by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense System. A variant of it is also produced by the American company Raytheon, as part of the program to replace the older version of the Patriot missile.

Performance of the "David's Feast" system

In Israel, "David's Feast" entered the army's endowment in 2017, and in July 2018 the first use was made in the fight of the system. An official document published by Rafael Advanced Defense System describes the "David's Praia" system as an effective defense solution against large-range artillery missiles, short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and classic defense threats. anti-aircraft, as well as the forces deployed on the front.

The system includes a management center, a series of interceptors, a multi-mission radar for detection and monitoring, as well as weapon control systems (WCS). The architecture of the "David's Praia" system is modular and is designed to integrate with other defense systems, thus offering a comprehensive and complete protection tire. The interceptor system includes four rocket firing units, with 12 Stunner interceptors in each unit.

A year ago, "Defense Israeli" correspondent Dan Arkin visited the Battalion "David's Praise" and discussed with his commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Kobi Regev, who explained the implementation and operational concept of the system, which differs from the other. of other air defense systems. "The battery and radar interceptor are not deployed near the area or city to be protected, because the" David's Praia "system is equipped with a protective tire that covers the entire country. We do not have to deploy near an area to protect it." , said Lieutenant-Colonel Regev.

Uzi Rubin: The Russians will not be surprised by what they see

"Every army in the world is aware of the fact that a rocket fired from the other side will fall into the hands of the enemy. In reality, the only surprise with the interceptor in "David's Praise" is that it fell into the hands of Russia. It is good that it has not been in Iran's possession, which is good news for us, "says Dr Uzi Rubin, quoted by the Israeli press.

Rubin also points out that, unlike Syrians and Iranians, Russia has rocket experience and it would be hard to believe that they will be surprised by what they see. According to Rubin, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently unveiled Russian missiles with "some parts that are better than those of the Americans."

Rubin rejects the claims that the Israeli interceptor fell without being damaged, considering the scenario "almost impossible".

"There is no rocket that will land intact and, even if the rocket does not reach its target, it does not remain complete and hits the ground with a huge impact force."

Rubin says that even if the rocket is broken, it could still be examined and studied. "Every missile can be analyzed," he says.

It will be a big problem for some countries buying these systems

But other experts are of the opinion. "This is alarming. If I were a company like Rafael, I would start to get nervous, ”said Ayan Williams, an expert at the Center for International Strategic Studies. He added that it is not alarming that Russia will start copying the Israeli system for its own needs, but that other countries could do so.

"If Iran receives the technology, in two years we will see that it has an identical system," he said. Russia can study the captured weapon and find out how to defeat "David's Promise" in battle. It will be a big problem for some countries, such as Poland, who buy these systems, not to mention Israel. Chinese publication SINA also wrote that the United States and Israel have called on Russia to return the missile. But the requests remained unanswered.

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