De Bruyne: "Whether we lose or win from Liverpool, I remain confident" | Premier League


"If you are someone who wants to compete to win and grab titles, these are the matches you want to play," De Bruyne says in an interview with SkySports about the move to Liverpool. "I like it at Anfield, I like to play there. I love playing for people who are so close to you, all that sound. That's what football is all about."

"At home Liverpool has that advantage now. But even if they yell at you. You play at the highest level at the top of the world. Then that's what you want anyway," De Bruyne explains.

Here and there voices are already flying that tomorrow it may be over or under for City to grab the league title. De Bruyne nuances. "You can only talk about the importance of this competition when the season is over. If we win, draw or lose now. It doesn't really matter. I would still feel confident because it is a long way to the end of The season."

"If you lose, you know there will be a big gap, but we have to take the situation when it is. We can say that the season is over when we lose, but maybe Liverpool will leave a few more points and win "We have many competitions. If we are at the top in March or April, people will say that this competition didn't matter at all."

"Whether we lose against Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Norwich or Tottenham. The same number of points remain. But because it is against a direct competitor, people make a bigger fuss about it. That is why you simply have to do your thing as a player," said De Bruyne.

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