Delia, 30,000 euros holiday in Maldives! The iUmor jury was praised on the internet. PHOTO


Delia is known in Romania as one of the most successful singers, but also as a true passionate traveler. It was in the most remote corners of the world and tasted of the most sophisticated preparations that the respective countries can offer.

Delia, 30,000 euro holiday in Maldives

It seems that the artist had little spare time and ran away with her life partner in Maldives! The star not only held for her the beauties she saw there, but shared them with her virtual friends. Delia posted exciting photos from the holiday spent in Maldives!

Her fans immediately appreciated the photos. "What a landscape. I envy you "," Wonderful, I want to. Pleasant holiday "," It cost you a fortune this holiday ". And it was. The singer paid a small fortune to be treated like a queen, and the view makes all the money. 8 nights spent in this resort costs 30,000 euros!

Delia doesn't go anywhere without her husband, Răzvan Munteanu

Delia is leaving nowhere without her husband, Răzvan Munteanu, with whom he is even newer … colleague! "Yes, we can say that we are a team, but we have passed this stage somehow, it is not just about us. My husband is one of Global's partners, he and Lucian Stefan are partners, and I and Global work together. Things are not just between us anymore, I have gone through the period when he accompanied me to concerts and so, now things are much more complex.

We do not talk non-stop about my career, we try not to be so professional, always. In the house, how can it be ?! As it is everywhere, likewise, we are not very different from the rest of the people. I would not forgive evil, I could not forgive a bad man, this fundamental problem of aggression, violence, evil. I couldn't accept or forgive.

I am Delia, I as a wife are not at all different from how I am as a man, I am the same, I am the same man. In a probable continuous change, once in a while, with mildew, with the problems of a woman. (laughs) With a sense of desire or a desire for things. I am an absolutely normal person and it does not seem to me that I am different from other people in my daily life, but only when they appear on the glass or when I manifest myself artistically, then the difference is made. And I would not say that there is a big difference between Delia married and Delia unmarried, I am the same, I work the same ”, declares Delia for VIVA magazine!

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